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WP Agency is a web design and development agency focusing on WordPress platform, maintenance and troubleshooting WordPress.

We are the creators of presentation sites and online stores that combine technology with design to provide a premium image to your business.


All the functionalities you need in a modern design created with cutting-edge technology


We develop custom modules and plugins for WordPress.
For the development of modules and plugins, we use ACF.


We develop websites with a customized design compatible with any device or WordPress. Integration with WooCommerce & LMS.


We improve your website load speed using WP Rocket plugin, the best plugin to improve the loading speed of the site.


We improve site security by deploying JUICES and other technologies.


We integrate solutions for site protection. Protect your site through weekly backups using BACKUP BUDDY.


We offer complete SEO optimization services. We use and integrate the best and used plugin for SEO, SEO by Yoast, full setting.

Safe sites that look good and load fast

Whether it’s a business site, a hobby site, an online store, a site with complex functionalities or a WordPress app, we make them safe, look good on any device, be easy to navigate and load quickly.

Your business will have a professional online identity, will be visible in search engines and you will be able to focus on customer service and business development.

Satisfied Clients


Increased Traffic


Increased Revenue

WordPress Maintenance

Always in perfect shape

Building a website is not a one-time task. Once launched the site it requires attention because the technology advances rapidly.

A website that functions in optimal parameters must be maintained on an ongoing basis. It requires regular technology updates, content update, and optimizations in order to be in perfect shape all the time.

We’ll make sure the technology installed on your platform complies with current WordPress standards and is maintained in best shape.

Choose the right plan for your business!

Modules and Extensions

If you are the kind that don’t settle for less than best in class than add extra modules that will further improve the security, speed and visibility of your site. Furhter more you get 25% off if you choose any 3 extra modules.

Price: 500 euro

Advanced Security

This security package will provide protection against harmful attacks, a professional image and better credibility of customers and search engines.

✅ SSL Certificate
✅ Content protected by DMCA PROTECTION
✅ Wordfence Security Package
✅ Plugin Backup Buddy
✅ JUICE Security

Price: 500 euro

SEO optimization

This SEO package provides SEO optimization in-site on a set of keywords relevant to your business, which improves the visibility and ranking of the site.

✅ Titles
✅ Permanent Links
✅ Categories
✅ Meta Descriptions
✅ Image description
✅ Google analytics Integration & Google Console

Price: 500 euro

Speed enhancement

This package will substantially improve the loading speed of your site.

✅ CDN Integration
✅ WP Rocket (Premium Pack) Deployment and Configuration
✅ CSS Compression
✅ JS compression
✅ Compress pictures

Price: 100 Euro

Dedicated Hosting

From now on you don’t need worry without about anything concerning your website. This dedicated web hosting service that ensures the functionality of the site and its permanent updates. Web hosting dedicated to websites developed on WordPress.

✅ Dedicated Customer Support
✅ Permanent updates to plugins and platform
✅ Maintenance
✅ Backup & Restore
✅ 99 % guaranteed Uptime
✅ dedicated IP

The best technologies for your benefit

Through us you benefit from the benefits of the latest and best technologies on the market.

Why risk using old, free, or technologies without license?

With WP Agency you save money and have full access and quality guarantee to all the technologies for which we already pay the license.

Benefits Worth min. 300E included in all packages


Save at least 30 to the Entry package

Questions and Answers

What does a custom website mean?

A custom website is made from scratch, has a unique design and customized functionalities.

How long can a custom website be created?

Depending on the project, the website can be created within a month or six months. It all depends on the functionality and design.

Why choose a custom template and not a purchased one?

A purchased template is not optimized 100%, does not have a unique design, missing functionalities you want.

What does the maintenance service help me with?

Through the maintenance service, we ensure functionality within optimal parameters of the site. Before updating, we test to see if there are any security issues or functionality. We provide weekly backups and reports on the functionality of your site. Web.

What is SEO service?

This service ensures visibility with Google an other search engines. Via SEO, your website will appear listed on Google SERP when people search for specific keywords relevant to your business.

Our marketing team offers complete SEO services, both ON PAGE and OFF PAGE.

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